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The safe space you have provided has enabled me to unlock years of held in emotions and express myself. I came to you full to the brim with emotions I couldn't express and struggling to see the point of life, now I feel at peace much more of the time and have a new found calmness. Finding my voice has also enabled me to express myself to friends and family and understand myself better. I'm so glad I took the step and contacted you.

I feel having the healing alongside the counselling has added another beneficial layer, I leave feeling at peace and balanced. I thank you for your skills and for being available to access.

W.B. (January 2017)

I have had a number of episodes of one to one therapy over many years, and recently have worked via Skype with Hester. I had felt for a long time that the thing that was at the root of the emotional issues I have faced as an adult was not a traumatic event in childhood, but rather the experience of the strong feelings I experienced as a child not being mirrored by either parent, and as a result being very frightened to express some of the stronger emotions for fear of being rejected.

The work Hester has done with me has been outstanding. She has been able to communicate directly to my inner child that it is quite safe for me to express a full range of emotions including the most hostile ones. as a result of this, I have begun to feel that some solid ground is available within my psyche, because I am no longer frightened of the strength of my emotions. Hester has made available to me the "empathic embodied presence" spoken of as so important by practitioners informed by the latest findings from neuro-science about what heals. I have not experienced this in the other therapies I have done. Hester's work has made a big difference to the way I feel about myself. I am so grateful.

P.G. ( February 2016)

With Hester, I always know I am in safe hands. She holds the therapy space with gentleness and genuine care. Hester works in a very intuitive way, and can move flexibly between ways of working to suit what is coming up for me at a particular time. This has been an important part of the work for me, so that different needs can be attended to in the most appropriate way. The body energy work has been very powerful for me, and works regardless of whether or not there are any words to describe what's going on.

At the beginning of a session, I never know what's going to happen. I trust in Hester to be able to help me journey into the unknown dark places, so that I can retrieve the feelings which need to be expressed and released. By the end of each session I know that we have both worked very hard.

Thank you Hester, and all the energies that work with you.

B.R. (October 2015)

I thank Hester for giving me so many break-throughs about myself and helping me move out of depression and darkness into the light. Her calm and peaceful guidance and amazing healing presence has moved me into a different space. I thoroughly recommend her to anyone and everyone and will, I'm sure, want to touch base with her again on my journey, to hear her wise words again, on the phone even it is such a comfort. She made me feel safe and connected. I now feel different, positive about the future and able to make some major changes in my life.

Alice (September 2014)

Hester's steady presence and gentle manner allowed me to go to places that I had been afraid to explore alone. As a result, I was able to release and let go of things that were troubling me and to move forward in my life. I felt that I was heard and understood without judgement, allowing me to develop compassion and acceptance of myself and my own worth.

I would recommend Hester to anyone who would like to explore, in a safe and supported environment, the issues that are holding them back, with the intention of healing and growing in the process.

P.J. (April 2014)

I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your support when I was at my lowest. You created a safe and loving space for me which I so desperately needed.You were always kind and thoughtful and you listened to me at a time when I felt I lost my voice. You also helped to connect me to god and the angels a connection which I needed to get me through.

Without your support I don't know where I'd be now and for that I am so deeply grateful.

Beauty and happiness are once again a part of my life...My heart is finally finding peace and stillness and is learning to love truly and purely.

I think about how much you helped me very often and I wanted you to know just how much I appreciate the kindness you showed me.

I want to learn how to meditate in order to connect with my inner voice and wisdom next. A path that you helped start for me...

Lots of love
M.K. (January 2013)

I have found my two sessions with you incredibly eye-opening, nurturing and healing and I really feel it has helped me get to a better place emotionally. I'm feeling much more positive,so thanks very much for your help and guidance.

A.B. (April 2012)

I have worked with many different healers and therapists that have helped me along my path and my experience with Hester has been a great source of inspiration for me. I find her to have a high level of integrity and humility that adds greatly to the deep healing her work can bring. I often experienced waves of gratitude during our sessions which I sensed was for the dedication and work that she has put into refining the art of her sensitivity and which she applies in such a nurturing and empowering way. I felt genuinely 'heard' and seen maybe for the first time in my life.
Thankyou, Hester.

With blessings,
(March 2012)

I’ve never explored my ‘spirituality’ in too much depth, however I found myself on a spiritual healing path and needed some additional help. I found her through surfing the net and came across this website. Instinct told me that Hester was the person for me. Somehow, I felt sure that she would use her wisdom, intuition and understanding to enable me on this particular part of my journey. She has provided a safe and comfortable space, allowing me to explore myself; my feelings, thoughts, emotions, a journey with my soul. I’m far from finishing my expedition, however I do feel I carry a deeper sense of calm, peace, understanding and a clearer head. I’m so pleased our paths crossed, Hester you have an awesome gift, thank you for sharing it with me.

Bless you
T.E. (February 2012)

Through Hester’s gentle and non-judgmental help, healing and advice I have been able to deal more ably with the problems confronting my life. Hester cannot make problems disappear, no one can, but she provides a safe framework in which these issues can be discussed and ways to manage them found. The healing sessions were soothing and aspects of this process I have been able to use myself at home since.

Hester is more than just a highly qualified professional, she is someone who is able to empathize and has evolved herself to being a Light worker in the true sense. Such counsellors in my opinion are rare. I would not hesitate in recommending Hester to everyone.

S.H. (December 2011)

I saw Hester first when I was feeling as if my life was very dark and bleak. After the first session something in me shifted and everything felt better. With each session after that I continued to feel better. My life did not change particularly but how I felt about it did. Acceptance grew. Love grew. Physically I feel better too. I recommend Hester very highly.

Sarah W. (February 2011)

Hester is both a skilled counsellor and a gifted healer as well as a warm, compassionate person. She helped me immensely during a difficult time in my life and I found her combination of talking therapy and spiritual healing to be quite unique and complementary to each other. I would highly recommend Hester to anyone, either for help with specific issues or simply to encourage self-awareness and personal growth.

C. Owen (January 2011)

Thank you Hester for providing such a beautiful space of love and gentle 'holding'. Your non-judgmental, attentive and kind approach is really helping me to heal and release old hurts and traumas in such an easy, supportive, nurturing and kind way.

Bless you Hester for taking the journey that has brought you to 'this' place. In deep honour and gratitude

D.P. (July 2010)

Hester is an accomplished and well trained, and intuitive healer. She has a deeply empathic nature and soothing approach which promotes trust and relaxation.

Her sensitivity enables her to work with high frequency energies and guidance. This potentially activates healing on physical, mental and emotional levels according to needs of the person. This enables clearance, change and personal growth and healing.

Amber White (May 2010)

I was drawn to Hester's services when I saw one of her fliers in a local shop and it was as if it was meant to be! After just the 1st session of reiki I felt relief, instantly lighter and more positive. Channels had clearly been unblocked. Not only was the after effect brilliant, I also had a wonderful experience whilst there as the energy that flowed from Hester's hands was amazing and incredibly warming to the soul. I would highly recommend her services and am now going to make visiting her a regular part of my life as the benefits have been great.

C.B. (December 2009)

Hester's healing skills are remarkable. I found that the healing I was given was tailor made for me, in both body and spirit - it did not overpower and leave me reeling as some healings have done, neither was it too gentle, but was the perfect mix of power, feeling and energy. I was softly and peacefully coaxed to open up at her touch, without going further than I was ready for, but at the same time found that several energetic issues I had been grappling with were being challenged and dealt with. It was a pleasure and a privilege to be healed by her.

Gabriella Cinquemani (May 2009)

Dear Hester,

I would like to thank you so much for the way that the combination of counselling and healing are helping me so much. I was so depressed when I started seeing you a few weeks ago and had been for a long while. You have been able to deeply understand what I have been going through, and your kindness and wisdom have lifted me out of this long depression. I am now for the first time in over a year able to start doing the things for myself that I really needed. I am eating so much healthier and exercising and am more peaceful and calm as well as being so positive about the future.

Your energy healing sessions have been amazing. I have been for reiki and healing before but have never had such powerful shifts in releasing my emotions and sadness as I have with the sessions with you. You have such a gift and insight into me, and have made me see what has really been causing so much of my life long depression. Your compassion and gentle wisdom and total acceptance of me has been so healing in itself. I cannot thank you enough, and know I still have so much work to do, but am now able to recreate my life in a more positive and less self destructive way. I can't thank you enough for the healing and therapy.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
L.J. (May 2009)

On my journey to understand and heal my life experiences I met Hester. Her sensitive approach during the Psychosynthesis therapy is beautifully mirrored with the healing work she offers. In Healing sessions so far I have experienced safety, care and compassionate attention. Without need of words she works to release and heal that which is unspoken in me, that deep and often painful place beyond words. At times I have felt something change, tears have been liberated or memories and realisations brought to the surface to work with later if needed. Sometimes it has simply been a decision to trust the unknown, a relief to put myself in the care of Hester to do what she is guided to do. That which she can feel and I cannot see or think of in my place of confusion.

R.W. (2008)

I came to Hester at a very low point in my life and through a series of counselling and healing sessions with her I was able to gain back much of what I felt I had lost. Hester offers gentle, non-judgmental, useful guidance within a non-denominational spiritual framework. Over the weeks I found that my perceptions on life and of my problems had begun to change quite rapidly. The healing she performed in our sessions quite literally transformed me! I would recommend Hester to anyone wishing to heal both their mind and their soul.

H.R.M., Muswell Hill (August 2008)

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