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Hester Seddon

MA(Oxon),PGCE, MA Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy, APP, UKCP

I believe it is essential that I can sit with my clients in a 'fresh' way - that is, that I am continuously engaging in my own self-discovery and reflection on the challenges of life. If I am aware of my own edges of development, I can sit in humility with my client, knowing we are both upon the shared path of becoming more of who we are.

I have a background in teaching (English, at many levels, at home and abroad, language and literature). I had always had an interest in what motivates and inspires people in their lives, and during the 90's I trained in Psychosynthesis psychotherapy. During this long and very rigorous training, I was fortunate to come across energy healing, which I received alongside my psychotherapy training for several years. This made me very sensitive to the energy fields shared between therapist and client.

At the same time as I graduated as a psychotherapist in 2000, I was discovering a body of spiritual work with energy which included a path called 'Awakening the Lightbody'. (This means working to open and develop a set of subtle energy centres similar to the chakras, but at frequencies which are closer to those of the soul). I had been very open to spiritual energies since early childhood, and now I followed a very structured and deeply rewarding training in working with the energies of Light on the inner planes, which I have continued to the present.

I had had an interest in healing with energy in the 80's, and at that time learned the principles of distant healing from a book, and used it purely for family and friends. In 2005 I received attunements in Reiki 1 and 2, and in 2007 I retired from college teaching and took the step of working entirely for Spirit, offering a combination of psychotherapy and energy healing. It is in the nature of this work that I also offer spiritual counselling and soul work if wanted.

Meanwhile I have been drawn onward in a powerful spiritual path which over the last 11 years has included a great deal of gritty inner work, body work, a lot of extra experience of receiving and giving energy healing multi-dimensionally, and trainings in working as a channel for spiritual energies in various ways.

All of this comes into play in my work, which I see as providing a sacred space and encouragement for you as client to release blocks caused by old hurt and trouble, for you to feel safe, and ultimately for the beauty of the soul to become able to shine forth increasingly into your life, bringing understanding, love, creativity, peace and joy.

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