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Energy Healing

Energy Healing - What is it?

This is a gentle healing to create harmony, balance and health in body, mind and spirit, using universal life force energy. Energy is transferred by a simple hands-on technique to enable the body to heal itself.

When your life force is flowing freely, you are less likely to feel ill, depressed, stressed or tired. Energy healing works by increasing your levels of life force so that you can feel both more energised and more relaxed after the treatment.

Life force is also the primary energy of our emotions, thoughts and spiritual life. Energy healing can be effective in working with emotional problems, in self-transformation and in releasing difficult issues from the past.

I use Reiki as a base for my energy healing, and over time have added in a variety of other aspects as I continue to expand my experience. In particular I work very intuitively, and in addition to using a Reiki structure to the treatment,I allow the influence of guides, angelic presence and that of other energies for the highest good, to guide me in responding to the unique needs of each healing session.

(See FAQ to find out what happens in an Energy Healing session)

Energy Healing can help to:

  • Free up blocked energies in the body
  • Assist in healing after an operation
  • Strengthen the immune system and cleanse the body of toxins
  • Help to move on 'emotional baggage'
  • Increase intuition and psychic awareness

    Distant healing available upon request (see below how to arrange this)

About Reiki and Deep Soul Healing. rsz rsz tender blue flower

Deep Soul Healing

Deep Soul Healing is a very beautiful spiritual healing in which light is used to make connection with your soul, in order to heal on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, and to open you up to the next steps that are there for you to take. This healing can be done in person or at a distance, and can either be included in the other healings or can be given on its own. Following this healing, people will often find that they begin to see a way through problems which previously seemed intractable, or they begin to feel more hopeful and stronger in their lives, and can access a greater sense of meaning, purpose, and inspiration.

Distant healing

Reiki and Deep Soul Healing can be very effective at distance. This is because the healing energies can 'travel' instantaneously between client and healer, even from the other side of the world.

These healings are offered separately or together and the fee is £30 for half an hour.

If you are interested in and need distant healing, you can set this up by emailing info@lighthealer.co.uk, or phoning or texting me on +44 7759 7759 50 in order to discuss your needs and preferred time arrangements. You then make a pre-payment online or on Paypal.

I am also available for teaching meditation, spiritual development, manifesting techniques, and working with the frequencies of Divine Will .

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